Did you know that sound is magic?

Are you already on your soul's journey and want to go deeper? Do get goosebumps when you hear music? Then the magic of sound is for you. Sound Alchemy is an advanced form of energy healing whereby sound becomes medicine and transforms ‘programs of being’ to the true organic soul-self. Alchemy is the magical transformation that occurs within the body, mind, and spirit from experiencing these unique frequencies. Their effect is multi-faceted and multi-layered through space, time and matter and are unique for each individual.


Sound swirls and moves like water, swooshing and lapping, ebbing and flowing. It intimately envelops and deeply penetrates the energetic field to cleanse, reveal, and transform. It gently holds you in a state of divine love beyond space and time. It restores you to your true state...love.

​If you have an open-heart and open-mind...then dive into the deep-end with me. 

Sound Sample...Ode to the Mother Goddess
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Release blocks
be free...and sparkle!

Working with Jillian is transformative. As the owner and creator of Light as a Feather Energy & Sound, she guides individuals already on the spiritual path and takes them to the next level through sound products and services where she offers her unique medicine to the world. If you are ready for a deep-dive then she is the guide for you.

Jillian is on her own spiritual journey. She has incarnated into this timeline to heal all her lifetimes. The journey of the EYE is all encompassing. It is confronting, humbling and a continual practice of forgiveness. Through her own journey to soften into herself, she has developed a deep compassion for all who show up for themselves in the most authentic and courageous way.


Jillian has a pure heart, fierce mind, and brave spirit. She sees and feels pure divine love, beauty, and effervescence flowing through everything. In all aspects of her life she strives for right relationship and balance; the balance of mind, body, and spirit in harmony with the Earth and the Celestial realms.  [Read More...]

"I recommend Jillian. She is a powerful Akashic Soul Healer. She really digs into roadblocks and helps release inner wounds. She uses many tools to assist in healings. She is trusting, respects boundaries on a deep soul level, understands and is able to go into a safe space so deep healing can occur."

Maia Love

Mahatma Ji

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​"My session with Jillian was pure magic. She shared her gifts with such presence. She was articulate, warm, and supported me in setting a clear intention to go deeper to understand the root of my challenge. She allowed me to feel safe and supported, and to fully let go and clear energetic blockages. The information she brought forward was astounding and it felt like an operation had taken place in my body! I can't thank her enough for her guidance and support. I highly recommend working with her. She is truly one of a kind!" 


​Jennifer Spencer​

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Light as a Feather Energy

Purveyor of Sound

shaping formlessness into form through sound