From the moment I was born, I interacted with energetic beings in all dimensions. Most of my experiences were not always positive and often were traumatic. From these experiences I learned that being me was not safe. So I repressed my intuitive gifts, focused on athletics, entered academia, and eventually the workforce. Fast forward 20 years and a career in Information Technology, the universe gave me several wake-up calls to tell me that I wasn't on the right path and that it was time to forgive and to heal.

In December 2014 my transformational journey began. Along the way I had powerful mentors and coaches guiding and supporting me as I peeled back the layers to get back to me. I got certified in Akashic Soul Readings. This was the first step of my journey. Through those sessions, I rediscovered the powerful yet timeless philosophy that forgiveness sets you free...on all levels.

Continuing on my journey, in September 2017 I embarked on

a 9 month adventure to further heal myself and the land by visiting Gaia’s Chakras and sacred sites. Over the 9 months, I developed a beautiful relationship with the divine through which my ability to channel frequencies emerged.


In September 2019 after completing my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification and completing the energetic Shamanic Medicine Wheel of the Q'ero, I dove into the depths of my soul. I embraced and loved all parts of me from many timelines and dimensions. It was a journey of forgiveness through the dark and traumatic, into the light and back home to my soul. 

And, as of the 2021 Solstice, I have cleared all soul contracts and I have wiped the slate clean. I am on a path that makes my heart and soul sing. I feel deeply connected to the earth, rocks and water; I get electrified by the moon, stars, and aurora; I'm in awe of the power of sound and I am continually humbled by the deep love and connection it brings as it's energy vibrations stir every cell of my being. As a multidimensional human, I fully accept, love, and feel balance in all that I AM. I laugh at this thing called's a crazy and beautiful ride!

Work with me to return to a state of love, to reignite your joy, and to find your truth...your way home.

"...the heart of the deceased was weighed against the White Feather of Ma'at. If the heart was as a light as a feather, the deceased entered the land of the blessed. Meaning...the one who had lived life in balance should be at the end...Light as a Feather."

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Light as a Feather Energy

Purveyor of Sound

shaping formlessness into form through sound