Air, Fire, Earth, Water

Since ancient times people have lived in harmony with the elements. This was necessary for survival as the early peoples knew that cooperation was key. We have forgotten this. We have become disconnected from the oneness of these elements and, in some cases, have created an ‘us versus them’ relationship…energies out of balance, separate and disconnected. We have become so disconnected from this symbiotic relationship that any equilibrium that Mother Nature attempts is viewed by our society as a loss. We have forgotten to look at the ‘gift’ of the loss and see the bigger picture…homeostasis and energetic equilibrium. We are air, fire, water and earth.


Air is fundamental to all living things; our breath keeps us alive and calms us down in moments of stress. The ancients considered the lungs to be divine wings that when ‘beating’ would give us the breath of God. As a result of our breath sound is created; the great alchemical transformer, in the form of waves in energetic form. Air converts simple words into stories, churns the seas, lifts the dust, releases the last few of the fall leaves still clinging to the trees, and moves seeds and pollens. When the wind hits your face it can be a gentle caress or a strong gale that requires leaning into to keep on your feet…both remind us of the strength, power and grace of Mother Nature. When you are lying on your back in a grassy field watching the clouds stream by it is the wind that is moving them…like a movie real with scenes and shapes. The swirl of Fall leaves dancing and billowing in a spiral reminds us of Mother Nature’s magic.


When energies are burnt-off and the heat increases, there is a very pure white light that emanates from fire. To some cultures, this white light represented knowledge or wisdom. The alchemy of fire to ash is transformative…like the phoenix. To others, the death-rebirth cycle as result of fire was seen as the yin-yang; a balance being achieved within Mother-Nature, just like the expansion and contraction of a muscle exploding powerfully in athletics. Fires are primal, they are used in many ceremonies to honour and welcome ancestors, nature, and gifts into the community. Fires are mesmerizing; they can put you into a trance-like state. Fires sustain us; they cook our food. A fire in the home creates a welcoming space. The exotic and rare Morel mushroom only appears after a fire in the forests. When our creative juices are ‘on fire’ we are fierce creators, passions run high and we strive to live our dreams.


The same mineral content of soil is in human bones. Running soil through our fingers and feeling grass between our toes is very soothing and grounding. It is a vessel for transformation; plants and trees root into it, we use it to create pottery and homes, and dancing, stomping and thumping our feet and hands into the earth is very primal and energetically therapeutic. When we “stand our ground” we are firm and rooted deeply, and when we die our bodies return to the earth “ashes to ashes, dust to dust”. The geomagnetic forces of earth resemble our own energy systems in our bodies. Gaia has chakras as we do, has energetic meridians as we do, and moves energies through a system as we do in our nervous system. Why wouldn’t she resemble our bodies…we were created of her chemical and energetic properties.


Humans are 70% water. The body starts to shut down after 3 days without water, yet humans can go for weeks without food. Water is used to birth new life. It is teaming with creation energy. Lake Titicaca is Gaia’s Sacral Chakra...home of the Incan creation story. The trickling of water soothes the soul. The roar of a waterfall humbles adventures. The chiming of candle ice is a symphony of nature. Water ebbs and flows to the cycles of the moon…it moves so much in its flow. Being in the flow is where we find oneness with the universe. Water hydrates, flows, swirls, rushes, tumbles, spirals, bubbles, freezes, steams, cleanses, blesses, creates rainbows, etc. So many states of being, all influenced by energy, just like us. H2O one of the most fundamental compounds in the universe. Embedded in the atoms is a signature of universal life.

All of these elements cleanse and purify spiritual energies in their own way…they also respond to frequency. Love, the universal frequency that unites all beings, the highest frequency in the universe, in its alchemical form can directly alter the being and frequency of these natural forces/elements of nature. We as humans have forgotten this sacred marriage between us, our energy, our frequency, and the elements. Join me in gratitude when you next experience the elements…when the wind tickles your chin or when you run your hands through water…and whisper the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian prayer “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you”.

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