Closing Energetic Portals

There are many ports and gates within our energetic bodies (light, subtle, emotional, astral, etc). Some are well know as chakras. But we have more throughout our energy body than we realize, especially in the zone of the head. When we shield our energy properly, we can open them to work with divine beings and beautiful energies can be received gracefully in the essence of love.

But, if our bodies are not shielded and our portals are open…you can get into trouble very easily energetically. Why would a healer or channeller want to close energetic portals? Energetic possession. If portals are open without shielding and you tap into malovent energies possession can occur. Possession can take many forms…ranging from mild to demonic. This is a violation of your free will and it happens.

The simplest way to avoid this whole situation is closing your portals and gateways every morning as you wake up and every night before bed.

Here is a sample declaration in this video.

Much Love.


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