Dancing as an Energy Tool

The key to welcoming home divine feminine energies and activating the sacred yoni is softening the energy field. The sacred yoni is the sacral chakra of the higher-self. When the energy field is soft, the lighter energies can flow with a deeper connection to the true self.

A great tool for softening is dancing.

It doesn’t matter what it looks like. The key is to feel the music. Feeling it, connecting to it, then allowing the body to respond to it….is a powerful energy tool. For when we dance the energy points or nadis in our bodies start to respond to what we are feeling. That opens the gates to softening.

The softening starts the root chakra humming. The root chakra then ignites. The fires start to burn in the root and passion and connection start to rise. The fires of the root heat up the waters of the sacral. When the waters start to boil, the sacred yoni gets activated. And so on, and so on…

It all starts with dancing…feel deeply and dance like no one is watching. Go for it, you are worth it! ❤️

Much Love

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