Emotions are Tools

For self-healing I find basic tools are the most effective. I use a 3-step process “Feel to Heal” after I create sacred space for myself and shield my energy.

  1. Feel. Ask your 3-third eye to reveal to you the feeling behind or the root of the karma, wound, energy block, entity, etc.

  2. Forgive. Instead of pushing the emotion away because its not “good” or “light” etc. Allow the feeling to come through. Forgive yourself or others as the perpetrator or victim.

  3. Free. With intention, let it go. Visualize the emotion or energy leaving you. Surrender the emotion to the purest love you can imagine. Speak out loud if it helps you release it and transmute it. Then wrap yourself with an imaginary blanket of love to nourish your heart.

Be gentle with yourself. These emotions, energies, wounds, perceptions, beliefs often reveal themselves as layers. And you’ll have to go a bit deeper next time. If you find yourself constantly experiencing the same emotion over and over after using these basic tools then you may need to change techniques and look at terminating contracts. If that doesn’t work then look into your soul blueprint, etc.

Don’t give up…you are worth it. ❤️

Much Love

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