Energy Body Restoration

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The energy body has parts just like the physical body. Energetic body parts can be taken or given away while astrally travelling for many reasons. The most important part is developing a relationship with your energy body so detection can occur.

Detect: in a relaxed state tune into your body. Identify what energetic pieces are missing through muscle testing, talking with your body, using a pendulum, or using your clairvoyance. I don’t recommend using guides or higher-self as typically they are not inside your energy body/field.

Retrieve: either through shamanic journeying, sound, or intent…retrieve or call back your missing pieces. These are your pieces and no other being has the right to keep them. If you are unsure about how then take a guide and journey together to retrieve them. Note…I used to be polite, but now I’m like "talk to the hand. these are my pieces and I’ve got no time for this BS"…😆.

Clean: using the element of fire, water, source/god’s pure love, or the sacred violet flame…purify and transmute all energy in the body part that is not of love and light.

Restore: through sound, clairvoyance, or with guides attach the body part like you are sewing it back on. Ask or see it attached the right direction and orientation. Then visualize energy flowing through it like blood through veins. Feel it working. Sense it as part of you. If it’s not feeling like it is part of you then do more restoration work.

Activate: is another level of restoration where your life-force energy, your essence, or magic sparkle comes back into the body part. This can be done through a prayer, light language or sound. It is the energy of the heart or heart medicine that completes this through love.

Finish it off with gratitude and movement to get the blood flowing.

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