Getting Stuck in an Elevator Between Floors

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Have you ever just laughed at your spiritual experiences and thought..."I designed this?" Have you ever been so frustrated that the only thing to do was cry? Have you wondered "There has to be more than this"? Well...I hear you, I feel you and I see you. I honour you. It is tough and it's funny. It really is. And some days it feels like your stuck in an elevator between floors...going nowhere.


There are many schools of thought about these stages and I'm sure many spiritual scholars would disagree with my summation. And that's ok. These are my observations and application of this universal wisdom based on my soul's experience.

Stage 1: Unconscious. The majority of humans are here. And its all good. No judgment. Everyone is one their own soul's journey and most wake up when its their time. Many are disconnected from the signals of their own body and disconnected their own higher-level consciousness. Many are content to follow societal norms. Many do not express feelings or when they do they are communicating and projecting from their wounds or traumas.

Stage 2: Beginning. An event or repeated pattern triggers an awareness that something is not quite right. Questions start to form like "there has got to be more than this" and/or there is a recognition of their own unhappiness. Many become aware of their own thoughts, feelings, and start to connect with the body. Exploration of new and other theories, approaches and points of view are appealing. Exploration of healing modalities begin.

Stage 3: Growth. Through curiosity, hope, and a desire for purpose in life...the healing journey begins; exploration of self, deeper awareness of body, experience of synchronicities, and connection to spirit. What doesn't serve the mind, body and spirit is discerned. Own thought and feelings are allowed and observed.

Stage 4: Compassionate Detachment. Through practiced observation of own feeling and own thought, compassion for the human experience develops. Detachment from experiences, thought, and emotion occurs through the realization that the divine-self and the universe is built on love. Active practice of forgiveness heals all wounds through all timelines. Practiced compassionate detachment from own negative thoughts and negative emotions connects ones-self deeper into the heart and the frequency of love.

Stage 5: Practiced Abilities. Active separation from societal 'programs of being' and entering deeper into a heart-centred balance of mind-body-spirit. Doing, Saying, and Being are aligned. The practitioner sees through the illusionary matrix of untruths, leads from heart, and continually refines and goes deeper into love, peace and joy. Actively works with the Higher-Self.

Stage 6: Manifestation. Embodies and creates from the higher-self. Achieves unity of Ego, Higher-Self, and Consciousness (the holy trinity). Intentional thoughts become reality. Detaches from emotions. Embodies the frequency of love.

Stage 7: Mastery Reset. Reaching the pinnacle, opens the door to the higher realms and ways of being. The end becomes the beginning. The master becomes the student. The Alpha and the Omega. The cycle starts again from a new baseline...a new consciousness level. The learning and growing continues.

TOOLS FOR EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS what. You're stuck between floors and you're frustrated. Breathe. Deeply. And Ground. The length of each stage is determined by the soul blueprint and a stage can take multiple years or many lifetimes to complete. So there is no pressure. And once you achieve a certain stage you can't drop more than 2 floors...meaning, once you've been awakened you can't go back, and once you've healed a piece of your soul puzzle it is healed. If it still shows up then its inviting you to look deeper.

How you move between floors depends on what interests you and feels good. The bottom line is needs to move within the body and courage is required to look at yourself with compassionate curiosity to note what triggers you and what your reactions are. See them as an invitation to heal. You can use different modalities in the early stages to assist but eventually, to progress higher, you need to look within. All the answers are in your heart...what needs to be healed to fully embody all that you are across space, time and matter. The more you seek outside yourself the longer it will take to expand your consciousness and embody the love that you already are...your divine self.

Start with the breath. Relaxing and breathing deeply and connecting to the stomach feeling it rise/fall brings energy lower into the body and soothes the nerves. Many energy sensitives have energetic shocks to release. Breath work is the key to soothe the parasympathetic nervous system. Let go of what ought to be (self-judgment) and focus on what is (self-acceptance). Feeling forgiveness (for self and others) in a relaxed state will slice through many layers of energy debris from many's time to let that *sh$t* The Forgiveness Decree is a tool that is recommended by my Guides. It is potent and sets you free.

Remember...there is nothing that can't be forgiven. All is restorable. Source is love.

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