Glastonbury: Heart Chakra of the Earth

I started to feel energetic resistance a few days before flying to the United Kingdom. It progressively intensified up to and during my first two days there until I had the ceremony on top of the Tor and won. Let me explain...

​Initially it felt like a small boy holding on to my apron strings and not wanting me to go...a minor irritation. Then I felt it grow in strength as the angry male boarder guard grilled me before entry into the hardest crossing in 5 months of international travel. Then it felt like I was being physically restrained by a male teen the morning as I prepared for the it got my attention. I took a few moments to breathe deeply and I dropped into my heart-centre to clear all interferences from all dimensions known and unknown. Then finally the crescendo...a violent wind storm on top of the Tor where I felt the full strength of the angry male patriarchy being dissolved as the goddess of the divine feminine awoke. "This is happening whether you like it or not." I said during the shamanic ceremony at the stone of the four directions on top of the Tor. I brought in the 3 other chakra's, danced, sang, spoke ancient shamanic languages, and I energetically cleared the land.

As I came down the hill in the west I felt a sense of elation. A sense that we had won...the divine feminine has all of us, male or female. It is her time. Embrace the soft and gentle yet poignant fire energy that is her. May we all have peace, joy and love. Shalom.

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