Karma is a bitch…

Here’s what I’ve learned about healing karma.

  • It takes both courage and compassion to face and heal karma.

  • Healing it is a choice of freedom to end looping cycles and patterns.

  • Karma is about personal accountability and forgiveness of self.

  • Ending it is similar to terminating soul contracts plus petitioning the board or council that holds it.

  • Petitions can be denied if enough soul work has not been completed. Keep going.

  • Karma can be in the form of a contract, bind or vow.

  • There are many layers to it and it is critical to advancing your spirituality.

  • Loving yourself unconditionally through the healing, like you would a child, takes strength and softness.

  • Not all of us are here or are ready to heal karma.

  • When you are ready to step into this phase of your own soul plan…You Will.

Love yourself fiercely. You are worth it! ❤️

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