Lake Titicaca: Sacral Chakra of the Earth

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

From the very first moment I felt her, I knew I was home. Her energy swirled around me as I touched down in Lima on December 11th 2017. "Welcome Home" pachamama said. As I laid in bed the next morning, I felt her vortex swirling around me...enveloping me like a blanket, like an old friend.

Throughout my 4 weeks in this beautiful country I had a myriad of energetic experiences. Everywhere I went I was touched by her magic; Paracas, Nazca, Peruvian Amazon, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca. Here are some highlights.

Nazca. As I watched the educational video at the Nazca airport prior to getting our birds-eye-view of the lines, my body was getting 'pinged' by spirit like a pinball machine. Much information streamed in about the ancient Nazcas and their life. For example, they were buried sitting up so they could be in alignment with the flow of energy from mother earth to the heavens, cuddled in her womb, for safe passage home. Seeing the lines from the air was powerful. During the flight I channelled an ancient shamanic language from one of my guides to clear, heal and activate the land. The beauty and grace of that moment brought me to tears.

Peruvian Amazon. I spent the week of the solstice 155 km south of Iquitos in the heart of the jungle working with a Shipibo Shaman. Only reachable by boat, the energy surrounding the lodge was electrifying. The jungle spoke to me through the water, wind, birds, and trees. I had 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with the shaman. Each was different and all needed for my spiritual healing and growth. The Shipibo are fascinating. The shamans connect to the universe through their icaros or chants that transmute sacred geometry through sound vibrations for healing and balancing. The ceremony is over when the design of the sacred geometry is permanently embedded, protecting the spirit. I saw and felt much during the ceremonies; eagles, panthers, masks, eyes and faces. Two profound experiences included seeing the birth of the universe and feeling a deeply divine and unconditional love connecting all living things. What a life changing experience!

Lake Titicaca...gaia's second chakra. It means 'Great Puma' in Aymara, an ancient pre-Inca language still spoken in communities around the lake. It is massive... about 8,300 square km. We arrived on her shores on the first full moon of 2018 and spent two days kayaking on her sacred waters. With each stroke I chanted my mantra of 'peace, joy and love' as we effortlessly glided between Isla Taquile and Isla Amantani. On Amantani we stayed with a local family and I practiced my Quechua. Before dinner, I slipped away to honour pachamama as I had felt her hum and energy all day. I had a small ceremony involving coca leaves, a rock, and water. When I finished, I looked up to see a lone star shining brightly in the west. Beautiful!

On the full moon at Isla Amantani I received a poignant message "you have an Incan heart". It was accompanied by a beautifully carved and glowing chakana. Peru still haunts me. I am reminded of her beauty and magic every day. Until we meet again...

​Oo-ya-ni-ma-ya. You are the light of your soul. And so it is.

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