Light vs Dark Manifesting

I recently heard about this concept of dark manifesting and I was intrigued. I understood the concept but it was not until a situation in my life occurred where I really ‘got’ the difference.

In a recent reading I was told that the medicine of the buffalo (abundance) was ready to work with me. A week later out of the blue I remembered a buffalo skull we had in the basement that hadn’t been unpacked since moving 3 years ago. Coincidently, during this same 3-years, I have been struggling with financial abundance so I immediately sprung into action to mount it on my wall. Then my guides stepped in….”this is dark manifesting.” I was like…”what? Oh…really?….oh.” So I took a deep breath and asked to be shown the difference.

What I was shown was that it comes from the heart. I chose to approach the energy of the buffalo in softness, reverence, and to be of service and not want anything in return. I sat down by the box in our basement and connected to it and introduced myself. I explained how it came to be in my possession and I apologized for violence of its death. I asked permission to cleanse and purify the pain and then gave it a blessing. There was nothing more I wanted from it. I detached from the idea of personal gain. Told it that it was ok if it didn’t want to work with me but if it did I would be honoured. It agreed.

I feel balance and in the flow. This is light manifesting. I am grateful to my guides for showing me the way. ❤️

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