Mount Kailash: Crown Chakra of the Earth

The air was dry and the sun was bright as it reflected off the crisp white snow casting a white glow around the apex of this sacred mountain. I'd been seeing and hearing the crunching of the crisp white snow of the mountain for weeks prior to my actual Shamanic Journey to Mount Kailash China, home of Gaia’s 7th chakra, the Crown. As it was the last chakra of my world tour we had decided early on that we would not physically travel to this final destination.

As soon as I completed the 6th chakra, I started to feel the sorrow, sadness, angst, and anger of the 7th in my heart...the socio-political energies of this site needed clearing in advance of my journey. This was no surprise as Mount Kailash is in the Tibetan province of China and is nestled close to the boarders of India and Nepal. I had a lot of work to do...

​This journey was different than the felt lighter, more powerful and more intense. White...everything was white. Before we started, I wrapped my two magic animals and I in a mercaba shaped protective white bubble. I was an angel wearing white robes. As we flew to this majestic mountain my white wings flapped hard against the wind. When I arrived, I flew in spirals around the core of the mountain clearing and transmuting any final remaining energies. I flew up to the top of the mountain and stood at the peak. I brought forward the energies of chakra's 1 through 6; dirt from Mount Shasta, water from Lake Titicaca, sun from Uluru, grass from Glastonbury, sound waves from the Pyramids, and sacred geometry from Glastonbury. With all the power of my ascended masters, guides and guardians, I declared that I was ready to take all sacred transmissions received and step into my destiny. I ran the energies of the mountain through my crystal core, spoke Arcturus, and felt the white light of the divine stream through my chakras lighting me up from my head to my journey to heal the rainbow serpent had come full circle. All the colors of the rainbow were now merged together and created pure white...within and without.

​Oo-ya-ni-ma-ya. You are the light of your soul. And so it is.

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