Mount Shasta: Root Chakra of the Earth

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

"You are now in the presence of the one." Is what I heard as we approached #mountshasta on the new moon of Thursday October 19th 2017.

As soon as we arrived at our campground on the base of the mountain, I immediately performed a Water Ceremony to honour the land and ask permission to work with it over the next four days. I sprinkled drinking water around me in a circle (representing the feminine) to cleanse and purify the land. I then danced around the circle to celebrate the land's grandeur.

On day two, I performed a Wind Ceremony on top of the mountain at the Old Ski Bowl Trailhead where I was asked by my guides to sing to the land. The song that intuitively arrived was Chattr Chakkr, a mantra for victory of the heart. I cried as the energy was so profoundly beautiful.

On day three, I was guided to complete a Fire Ceremony to honour ancestors. The ceremony involved 3 dead leaves representing roads already taken, 3 alive leaves representing roads we are going to take, 3 pine cones representing the bridge between spirit and land through our 3rd eye (pineal gland), and a plate of food to feed the fire. I started with the sprinkling of water to set a pure intention. I then added the pine cones and leaves to the fire and I ended the ceremony with rattling and dancing around the 4 directions of the fire.

On day four, I ended our magical experience with a prayer in Panther Meadows, a sacred indigineous shamanic site on the mountain. I brought my animal totem and my crystal pyramid and thanked the land for protecting, healing and bringing me emense joy.

And so it is.

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