My Journey through Shame

This spiritual journey never ceases to surprise and confront me. Just as I hit spiritual milestones at Solstice, the next piece of soul work trickled in the very next day. I barely got integration time when Shame appeared on my doorstep. I was in denial. It felt huge. My dear friend lovingly showed me the path forward.

As Shame started to bubble up through my energy body…I said to it “let’s go slowly…I just finished some big soul work and I need a bit more time. I honour and acknowledge your pain, rage and suffering. You are loved.” I could feel its depth…this lifetime, and many others…deep ancestral shame. It felt like a huge mountain to climb. I avoided it like when a child puts their fingers in their ears and says “la, la, la…I can’t hear you”…😆 But I knew that this was my M.O. for big soul work and I knew the medicine I needed. Self-love. And since Solstice Ive been using the Forgiveness Decree and softening my resistance to it through my crystal bowls and drum….sound.

I’ve also decided to write about it as I go. To own it. To not have it own me. To shine a light into the dark corners of my being in the hopes that this helps you too.

We are not alone. We are loved and we ARE love through space, time, and matter. Sat Nam.

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