Nose Energy

Our energetic nose is home of our purpose, direction, and path. It is also important for sensing and intuiting information. For those that have worked to advance their nose energy, it can be used to track and locate energetic signatures on many planes.

When the energetic nose is in balance, cleared, cleaned, restored and activated it will lead you (based on intent) to the the information or energy you seek. You will be aligned with your soul path, and your intuition will be enhanced.

When the energetic nose is missing (soul part retrieval) or blocked (spell, contract, vow, etc) or not fully activated (engine not running to full capacity) you could literally be going around in circles. You could be accessing incorrect information, connecting with wrong guides, getting lost on your astral travels, feeling without purpose, confused, etc.

If you are not sure if you need a nose retrieval or just a restoration, in a meditative state tune into your sense of direction…your nose. Using your own consciousness, feel what is there. Alternatively you can ask guides, higher-self, prime creator, etc. for assistance.

Get curious…you are worth it. ❤️

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