Shadow Work

I’ve been doing my shadow or soul work for about 5-years now. Here is what I’ve learned from my teachers and guides.

The word “shadow” doesn’t feel right to me. Yet it is accurate as we all have wounds, pain, and darkness to heal from many lifetimes in order to ascend. The Ascended Masters did their soul work too.

Earth is the best place to do soul work. In a human embodiment you have access to as much or more than some spirits on the other side. What you have access to depends on your soul blueprint and the amount of soul work you’ve done throughout your lifetimes to purify your energy system. Some of us incarnated on earth just to heal and grow.

Avoidance or denial of soul work will keep you in a karmic loop bound to the earth-plane repeating the same patterns and lessons until you choose to heal and exit. You cannot ascend to the light if your karmic burden and your energy body are too dense/heavy.

Avoidance or denial of soul work can get you into serious energetic trouble…especially if you’re a healer or channeller. Not all beings are benevolent and there are a few groups you should definitely avoid.

You are your best teacher. Every trigger, emotional reaction, negative thought, words said…are all clues to what needs healing. If a part of your body doesn’t feel right or feels sticky then that’s where you need to start.

Simple tools are often the most effective. Feeling your emotions and your body is the place to start. Forgiveness can cut through all space, time and matter to heal many lifetimes of the same pain and wound.

You cannot buy your ascension ticket. There is no short-cut, no profession on earth that is deemed better, and no amount of good deeds, chanting or praying will automatically heal you and grant you access to the light. It’s all within. The quality of your energy body and your soul blueprint determines where you go after death.

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