Soul Contracts

Updated: May 17

Soul Contracts are energetic binds that keep us entangled with another's energy through space and time. They can last multiple lifetimes and can exist in the astral planes as well as the human dimensions. They are an exchange of energy.

There are many reasons why we enter Soul Contracts and they range from basic to highly complex. It is rare that they are of the positive kind and they can misdirect you and/or drain you. For example, you may believe your current profession as a writer is your true calling but it doesn't feel quite right. Your true bliss comes from art or creating jewelry. The writer role could be part of a soul contract. ​

The time to start looking at energetic contracts along your soul journey is when you feel stuck. When contracts are terminated, the energy is freed. It's energetic freedom to be who you are without debts, interferences, or leakages. This is why contracts are so potent and important.

Step 1: Identify the List with Whom You have Contracts (Human and Non-Human). This is done through working with the body through a type of muscle testing, or with your guides. First create your Human List by compiling the names of your immediate family members, loved ones, and close friends. Combine this list with the Non-Human list below. Then one by one, ask your body if you have a contract. Note the ones that are "Yes".

  • Orion

  • Arcturus

  • Fallen Angels

  • Ancient Ones

  • Elohim

  • Andromedans

  • Hungry Ghosts

  • Sumerian Gods/Goddesses

  • Anakim

  • Older earth unbalanced Gods/Goddesses

  • Greys

  • Mesopotamian Gods/Goddesses

  • Babylonian Gods/Goddesses​

  • Half breed snakes or hybrid serpents

  • Nagas

  • Hybrids of Bird People

  • Avians

  • Pleidians

  • Sirians

  • Lyrans

  • Elementals

  • Dragons​

  • Witches

  • Underworld Gods/Goddesses

  • Annunaki

  • Mages

  • Tree Beings

  • Draco

  • Reptilian

  • Yaweh Seals

  • Solomon Seals

  • Faerie Realms (Dwarfs, Knomes, Elfs, etc)

  • 3D Ancestors

  • Dead Family and Friends

Step 2: The Declaration. Customize the language of the Declaration to suit you. The more authentic it is the more effective it is. Ground into your root chakra and open your heart. Then terminate the contract with each of the "Yes" on your list using the following declaration:

“I [your name], with a full heart of love and forgiveness and of my own free will, hereby terminate all contracts, vows, and energetic entanglements with ________ through all space, time, and matter in this now, now, now, through all past, present and future timelines and selves. Regardless who was the perpetrator or the victim, or if it was chosen out of free will or deceit, I ask that the energy of the contract be wrapped with grace, forgiveness, and mercy and given to the sacred violet flame to be transmuted and returned back to source with love with the intent of balance and freedom. I detach from and give all outcomes of this termination to source in service to my highest and most benevolent good."

[this is where you pause and feel it leaving you. If you don’t feel it leaving then repeat these words until you feel an energetic shift. When you do, then continue...]

"I declare that all technologies, portals and fissures in my energy field related to this contract, in all of my bodies through all space, time and matter, are now removed, closed and sealed with love. This energy is no longer welcome. And so it is.”

Step 3: Clear Your Energy. Clean your energy of any energetic residue or remaining frequency in your field from this contract.

Step 4: Return to Love. Give thanks and express gratitude.

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