Soul Magic: A Sensory Experience of Costa Rica

"The one who calls"...and she did. From the very first step on her soil until the moment I left, it was magical....profound really.

I had 3 wonderful weeks experiencing a soft, fluid, yet powerful female energy; a lovely mix of gentle Lemurian and raw volcanic fire. The first week I was surrounded by 33 members of my beautiful soul tribe at the Lee Harris retreat at Blue Spirit on the shores of Playa Guiones. Our collective ancestors descended from the mountain and held us as we worked through energy healing on multiple dimensions. At the end of that week the fire of creation was lit. Wow... it burned through long held emotions in my body; it encircled my feet, spiralled up to my hands and then my crown. It now fuels the flames around my heart. 😌

The following two weeks was about exploring and nuturing my soul as I integrated new energies. Through ceremony, I sang to her waters, danced to her beauty, rattled to her ancestors, and I received her gifts.

Her people are beautiful. I love that they live with a natural ease, fully honouring the land. "La Pura Vita" is a way of life. What soul magic!

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