Sphinx: Throat Chakra of the Earth

Ancient, modern, clean, dirty, rich, poor, tourists, locals, men, women, sand, grass, desperation, and kindness. These contrasts were blatantly obvious as we traveled through Egypt over the 12 days touring temples and tombs in Giza, Aswan, and Luxor. However, the biggest contrast was the one I experienced energetically; profound beauty and horrific evil. ​We arrived at the Giza Plateau at night. The sights, smells, and sounds were overwhelming. In the morning I gasped as I opened the curtains "Welcome Ancient One" I heard as I viewed the unobstructed beauty of the pyramids and sphinx. As we walked around the site that same day I felt the pure, high vibration energy of the site and, for the first time in a while, I felt centered, peaceful, and calm.

I took a deep breath, asked for protection and descended into the King's Chamber of Khufu, the Great Pyramid. Following the instructions from my guides; I put my hands on the sarcophagus, started to hum 'Om' in the key of G, and visualized crystalline energy running from the center of the earth, through the pyramid, through me, and up into the cosmos. Feeling the sounds waves vibrating every cell of my being and the power of harmonics was humbling knowing the power of this ancient structure. When I finished I declared the site activated and harmonically aligned. I cried when I was able to sit, catch my breath and recall the experience. Beautiful! Then it changed. I knew visiting Egypt would be intense. My guides advised me to ground, clear, and protect myself 3 to 4 times per day. I did. It started with the portal of February 22 (222)...I felt much that day. A few days later I got an entity attachment, a few days after that I was psychically attacked while sleeping, and a few days after that I got a henna tattoo of the Eye of Horus on my left forearm. The extra protection helped. The good news is I knew what to do this time. Reflecting back on this now, this journey to heal the earth's chakras has been a healing journey for me too. I am so incredibly grateful for it all; the good and the bad...the ultimate divine contrast. ​​Oo-ya-ni-ma-ya. You are the light of your soul. And so it is.

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