Spiritual Truths

Updated: Feb 27

My journey with spiritual truth has been a double-edged sword. I’ve had just about all forms of negative interference that a multi-dimensional being can have. You name it, I’ve had it. The good news is that I’m no longer naïve, I take my sovereignty very seriously, and I am fully aware of the perils of having a foot in both worlds. And its made me stronger and smarter.

I’ve learned the power of love…the love of a dear friend to give you hard truths and then the love of self to receive the truths with humility. I’ve learned the potency of a good cry, the importance of the death/rebirth cycle, terminating contracts, aligning of mind body and spirit to love, and the necessity of healing all wounds from all space and time. I’ve learned to say no to spirit, to choose me, and not be used by gods/goddesses or guides. And I still have so much to learn. I’ve also learned to see beyond the facade of 3D..to feel deeply within the body, use the heart, the eye, the senses, the sword, to feel and then heal. So much opens up in the body. It is our best tool.

The body is our temple…on so many levels. The main tool for me to keep my bodies spiritually fit is yoga (meditation, asanas, and pranayams). Yoga energetically clears me, aligns me, balances me, and unblocks me and my higher self, my subtle body, my light body, and my physical body. It helps me astral travel. Yoga works it all. I really feel it when I miss a day. Spiritual Fitness through yoga is my Truth. When I first started yoga I could barely move. And to this day my flexibility ebbs and flows. The key is kindness…to be gentle with yourself to not self judge and honour where you are at. If it feels good keep going…regardless of how ‘weird’ it maybe…lol.

These are my spiritual truths. And talking about them brings me into balance.

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