The Return of the Light

After a week into the New Year I still felt last year’s energy. I was like…ok, lets see where this goes. Then an intuitive knowing…third week in January is when the ‘new’ dawns. Another confirmation when Sandra Walter posts about a new flow of photonic energy beginning Thursday Jan 20th. Another confirmation when Maia Love posts about the beginning of the Great Retribution of Light. So then I’m like hummm…🧐…higher-self what’s up? She says, “Finally you got curious. January 21st signals the beginning of a new Aeon…The Return of the Light.” Then she goes on to say “…buckle your seat belts, we will experience some turbulence”. 😆

So here we go…this is what we came for. This why we are here in this now. 2022…it is the dawn of a new aeon. It is the Return of the Light.

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