The Transition: Polishing My Heart in Nicaragua

Coming off a high in Costa Rica, my time in Nicaragua was the opposite...a low; a period of growth. I was given a choice of how to raise my frequency and I took the hard route. It was.

We started our 3 ½ weeks in Granada on November 18th 2017. A lovely colonial city steeped in architectural beauty. Energetically, somewhere along my first few days in the country, I picked up an entity attachment that took me several days to diagnose and then remove through a Shamanic Ceremony under the advice of my guides. Also during this period I had many flashbacks whereby I was shown situations in my life where I was not proud of my actions or words. I found myself sitting with these memories and forgiving myself. Looking myself in the mirror and loving myself, despite it all, was hard.

We then went to San Juan del Sur. The town was nothing to write home about however it was a convenient access point to several pristine Pacific Coast beaches. As an empath I often feel global and local energetic unrest. In San Juan, it hit me hard. I did not get any sleep for 3 nights and, despite the amazing beaches, I got a flu and had some of the worst fights with my husband so far on our journey. To top it all off, I lost my iPhone on our last day. I had hit a low point.

By the time we went to Ometepe Island, my tank was empty. I desperately needed self-care. Ometepe rich in indigenous history, was the perfect place to do the final purge. We had a wonderful time exploring the islands and found fascinating petroglyphs. On November 30th I spent a full day honouring what I needed to feel whole again; chanting, meditating, connecting with loved ones, dancing, drawing, and reading. I ended this magical day with a ceremony. I burned sage, used my rattle and my crystals, and sang an ancient shamanic song to the land. I felt complete.

I’ve polished my heart; the cobwebs have been removed and the love and light have returned. I feel connected again to this beautiful world. As our travels continue on to Peru, I am living each moment from a place of love….not fear. I will end 2017 on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Life is such a blessing!

​Oo-ya-ni-ma-ya. You are the light of your soul. And so it is.

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