Uluru: Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth

I heard thumping as my wings flapped...their rhythmic movement mirroring the relaxed beating of my heart. I had laser precision eyesight as I saw my destination in the distance. I felt the cool air hit my eyes as I was propelled forward flying to Uluru, or Ayers Rock, Gaia's third chakra. I had shape shifted into a Golden Eagle.

My first experience with Shape Shifting was in the Peruvian Jungle. I became a jaguar, then an eagle, and then a mouse. The next day at the lodge, a Golden Eagle landed in my path and stared at me with its yellow piercing eyes. It was a beautiful moment; a knowing that we connected spiritually.

When I landed on the dry red earth I felt my talons transform into paws. I felt the soft pads of my feet pounding into the earth as I started run. With every rhythmic step, I felt the muscles in my jaguar legs flex and contract as I bounded around the perimeter counter-clockwise of this massive sacred rock. I sniffed the dry air and I smelt a faint floral aroma as I wove in and out amongst the arid shrubs. I strained my neck to see the top of the massive rock and felt the sun warming my fur as it sank beyond the horizon. I went closer to the rock and felt the vibrations through the earth. There was an indigenous man playing a didgeridoo. "Welcome" he said as he stood beside his burning fire. I felt the intensity of the heat on my fur.

I transformed back to my human form and we performed an Integration Ceremony whereby I brought the energy and an item from each of Gaia's chakras; a pine cone from Mount Shasta (first chakra), water from Lake Titicaca (second chakra) was sprinkled around the fire, and a handful of dirt from the ground at Uluru (third chakra). I then added tobacco to honour the land and its ancestors. I danced around the fire to the shamanic music of the didgeridoo and played a drum with an animal bone. The ancestors were pleased. After transmuting the energies, I ran them through my crystalline core and declared the land clean, healed and activated. I reverently placed both hands the rock and felt the beauty and peaceful energy flow through my body. I humbly asked that the warmth, beauty and energy of this place be locked into my third chakra permanently. And so it is.

​​Oo-ya-ni-ma-ya. You are the light of your soul. And so it is.

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