What is a Soul Blueprint?

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Soul Blueprint is like a Blueprint for a House. It’s a design and contains instructions, programs, and protocols that apply across all incarnations. In simpler terms it is your soul’s strategic plan. It contains each lesson to be mastered, ways of your unique being, soul gifts, programs that your divine-self has created to assist in your soul’s journey (including the higher-self and aspects of your consciousness), the frequencies needed to trigger events or emotions to help you grow, etc. Your soul blueprint is unique to you…it’s the energetic information. Whereas your Soul Chart is like a spreadsheet of contracts, karmic debts, soul lineages, lifetimes, marriages, parents, births, deaths, children, etc. It is the facts.

When I work in the Soul Blueprint I see/sense it as a computer motherboard with Matrix-like binary codes flashing and indicating which switches are to be turned activated and which ones decommissioned based on the intent of healing. I also can sense the areas of the blueprint that are pertaining to a topic like Abandonment, for example, that are to be explored and how and where that energy flows like an electrical circuit.

I have learned from my teachers that your soul blueprint is yours and if you don’t like something, change it. It’s called Free Will. You don’t have to be victim to it. Honour it, forgive it, thank it, and move on. Change It. Boom. And it’s done. Just do it with reverence and respect…for you’ll be accountable to your future self for the things that are altered.

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