Opening the Third-Eye

Updated: Apr 2

I’ve been working on my third-eye over the years and here’s what I’ve learned from my teachers for it to open and function properly:

  • all energetic trauma from all dimensions and from all lives needs to be peeled back through self-love and self-kindness

  • trust between the consciousness and the eye is key to its opening. As once the eye opens and shows you truth you must accept it regardless of what you see. This is key for building trust.

  • eye karma needs to be accepted, forgiven, and released. This means eye abuses of power and using the gift of sight for impure intent.

  • all forms of energetic technological interference like implants, chips, discs, etc need to be removed to see without illusion or deception

  • all forms of energetic poisons like dark matter, spells, hexes, and dark magic need to be dissolved and removed

  • terminating all soul contracts help to see without interference

  • tools like neem oil and turmeric (powder or oil) help but are not a silver bullet

  • connecting with and allowing a goddess into the eye is very helpful when working on/in the eye. This should only be considered after all contracts, magic, and all forms of interferences have been removed.

  • using the energetic four elements (wood/earth, air, water, and fire) are potent cleansers of the eye.

  • connecting with your inner child and reintroducing child-like wonder back into your life will help open the eye as well.

And for those that have their third-eye already open, thank your previous incarnations for all the hard soul work they did to open it. Don’t take your sight for granted. It’s a lot of work…

With Much Love

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