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Healing through sound is deep and sacred work. It penetrates energy through space, time and matter. It cleanses, reveals, and transforms. If you are open-hearted and open-minded, sound will take you to the next level. 

The sound experience has been described by clients as golden, profound, intense, weird, primal, raw, magic, humbling, repatterning, rewiring, blue, electrifying, opening, purifying, visceral, healing, activating, shamanic, trippy, and effervescent.

Healing through channelled sacred sound facilitates the release of patterns that are no longer serving you so you can reconnect to your heart, find your joy, and live a life of love...and sparkle! ​

"It’s hard to know how to thank-you for what you did for me in our session. It was so immense and otherworldly that words fail me. Your extraordinary gifts, skills, and energy were an enormous gift of healing and deep awareness! The session has set me on my true course and now I will be making new choices based on what I learned, how I healed, and what I experienced. I got answers that I have needed for years, but was only now ready for. I learned about my origins, my soul family, my connection with the earth and how they wish for me to assist them. My chakras were balanced and cleared, and I was bathed in healing energies all guided through the Akashic Records. I recommend Jillian...she is full of magic!"


Are you starting out and looking for basic tools? Do you have lots of questions and not sure where to go? Do you feel like you are having crazy experiences but have no one to share them with? Are you ready to go the next level? Have you dabbled with energies and got scared? I’ve got you. You are safe with me.


Spiritual Coaching facilitates the deep exploration of you and your soul's connection to the universe. Coaches empower you to access your own wisdom. They help you to regain your own trust and your own confidence to make your own choices from a place of self-love in service to your own soul growth that lead you to choose your highest and most divine path in this incarnation...your own version of wholeness. Coaches see the various blocks, what tools are needed, and align with the soul blueprint, to facilitate healing. Coaches also hold a neutral space grounded in love, to acknowledge and witness without judgement where everyone is in their own personal spiritual journey.

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"Upon meeting Jillian, I immediately felt her wisdom and knew she was intuitively gifted. Through a network of healers and yogis she stood out as the natural go-to person for coaching and answering spiritual questions. Jillian is a very powerful healer and channel. And, what I find unique is the way she practices her art, using discipline, reverence, and responsibility.  Over the years Jillian has taught me to protect and use my energy in ways that no one else has, which is why I think so many people are naturally drawn to her coaching."


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Having a soulful website communicates to prospective clients who you are before they engage with your products or services. It sets the tone and starts building trust with you and your authentic brand. A soulful website is about authentic connection and expressing yourself in a way that’s in complete harmony with your core values and your energy.

Like what you see here on this website? Are you starting a small business and wanting a soulful website that communicates your own unique energy, your products or services? Not sure about SEO, URL, and Google Analytics? How I can help… I tap into your energy and feel it. I then I source the right images, colour palette, and words to clearly articulate and express your energy through your website. 


I’m a website designer. I do not write code. I take what content you’ve started and I polish it. I am most familiar with GoDaddy, Weebly and Wix web platforms. I have used SquareSpace and WordPress less. Client Website Samples.

"Jillian is a gifted artist who will go above and beyond making a website look esthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Her deep intuitive and creative abilities beautifully and magically captured my spiritual essence and energy on my website. My visitors can more easily tap into the soul of my work and feel into whether I am a good fit for them. Her Website Alchemy service truly raised the vibration of my website. I highly recommend working with Jillian!"


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Light as a Feather Energy

Purveyor of Sound

shaping formlessness into form through sound