"I was recommended to Jillian’s light energy healing work from a friend who had experienced profound healing. I have now been working with Jillian for several months and have healed from past trauma, received guidance from Spirit, and renewed the confidence to follow my heart. Each session is a journey of enlightened knowledge and true self-love. Through Jillian’s gentle, authentic guidance, I have connected with Spirit in ways that are so profound and beautiful they are difficult to describe. I always feel safe and held under Jillian’s direction as she treats her clients and Guides with loving kindness. I will continue to work with Jillian as I travel deeper and deeper into myself and this infinite universe. Thank you for sharing your gifts."


“Jillian will take you on an unforgettable and easeful journey to freedom! My first session was expansive and deeply transformative. I didn't realize until a month later! She healed trauma so that I could fully accept and honour myself. If you are ready to take your life to the next level, she is the woman to do this!”

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"Jillian's intuitive divine guidance during my healing session flowed right where it was meant to flow once I was able to fully surrender. I am feeling a shift within myself and those around me. Her work dives deep into the soul level which is so much needed right now. My deepest gratitude and appreciation!"

"I have had ongoing sessions with Jillian for the last 7 months that have accelerated my soul healing in leaps and bounds. The energy she taps into is palpable; I marvel at the ease with which she accesses it and how she respectfully intuits just how to approach what needs to be worked through. She truly is a gifted light worker. Early in our time together, I was gifted a 40-day Forgiveness Decree which truly caused miracles to occur. It shifted things I'd been hoping to heal for for the past twenty years! Through the other-worldly communication of light languages, shamanic journeying, and channeling I truly feel like I'm gaining tools to heal my brain injury. The healing of my brain is 'defying logic' as I've been able to heal lifetimes of long-held traumas. I am most grateful to Jillian and feel entirely blessed that she came into my life."


“Our session was truly eye opening for me.  I love that you ask permission to delve deeper into more vulnerable topics.  I find the length of the session perfect; its enough time to sit with things and explore but not too much to overwhelm. You have a beautiful and gentle way of being supportive and encouraging that I find so helpful and crucial for this work.  This work is truly having a profound impact on my life."



“Thanks again for the session on Sunday.  I was amazed how it worked and I cannot wait to try it again with you!  I felt very supported and at ease.  I also felt a release of deep rooted emotion that I was unaware of. You were a crystal clear channel; succinct, to the point and explained everything well.” 

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Light as a Feather Energy

Purveyor of Sound

shaping formlessness into form through sound